Friday, July 1, 2011

First Post!

Wow.  It is hard to believe that all the Young Adult Volunteers leave for orientation in Stony Point, NY, in just 52 days.  Along with 7 other volunteers, I'll be serving through the PC (U.S.A.) in Belfast from 29 August 2011 until the summer of 2012.  Each of us has received a church placement and a community center placement from our site coordinator Doug Baker.  I am so excited to get to know and serve with the other volunteers and Doug.   

Specifically, I will be serving with the Glengormley Presbyterian Church ( working with youth from the congregation and the community in a mixed area of North Belfast and assisting with a parents and pre-school group, art club, and other programs.  In terms of my community center placement, I will be working with The Vine Community and Advice Centre,  which is located in a low-income area in North Belfast.  The Vine provides a comprehensive range of community services to all age groups including after school tutoring, youth clubs, women’s groups, a senior citizen’s lunch club, an advice center for those needing help filling in forms, and JAFFA (Jesus A Friend For All) a Christian education outreach for children (  So, I'm eager to learn from and serve with the people of North Belfast.

On a more personal note, in preparation for the year in Belfast, I have become a recovering vegetarian.  I started slowly with turkey and bacon (Surprise, right?  Apparently, bacon is a gateway meat...meaning that vegetarians are lured back to the meat-eating world by its salty goodness), and I've worked up to chicken and other kinds of pork.  I have yet to tackle lamb and beef, but I'm sure that will happen soon (maybe even over the upcoming holiday weekend?!?!).  We shall see!  More soon.

Peace be with you!

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